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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Return to Devil’s End

We are Target Who and we love how some Doctor Who fans support our cause!

In the previous blog entry we reported how Andrew had visited the school in Aldbourne, the village where the 1971 Jon Pertwee Doctor Who serial ‘The Daemons’ was filmed.  It was clear you all enjoyed hearing about that delivery - even the wonderful Katy Manning tweeted her pleasure at hearing the news.

We reported that sadly we had been unable to give them a copy of the novelisation of The Daemons - now long out of print and not one of the titles in the Target Who book hoard!  Not long after the post was published, we received an email from long term Target Who supporter Roger Smith.  He offered to send his own copy and a visit was quickly organised!

So on Wednesday 16th July I met with Roger, who turned up with not just a copy of ‘The Daemons’, but a set of Doctor Who Quick Reads as well.  “I couldn’t travel all that way and give them just one book” he said.   Roger and I spent an enjoyable day in the village of Aldbourne.  We were given an enthusiastic welcome by the school staff and were told tales of the 1971 BBC visit to the village.  The children of 1971 may have all grown up, but the memory of Jon Pertwee driving them around the village in Bessie still burns bright.

Mission Accomplished - Azal returns to Aldbourne
 So now the children of St. Michael's C of E Aided School can read an exciting adventure of the third Doctor and the Master.  As they read it, it will be in the knowledge that the village described within the pages is their village and their church.  How magical is that?  They will never be able to look at the church weathercock again without thinking of Sgt Benton!

Roger and David at the Devil's Hump (maybe it was one of the other three barrows!?!)
As it was a beautiful summers day, we took a stroll up to the public footpath to the Four Barrows and tried to work out which one had featured in the episodes as ‘The Devil’s Hump’ (Answers on a postcard please - we couldn’t work it out!).  Finally we had a spot of lunch in The Cloven Hoof pub, or The Blue Boar as it’s known in real life, where we heard more tales of the 1971 filming! 

Roger Delgado, Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney
We are Target Who and while we relish every book placed in every school library, the books placed in Aldbourne are dear to our hearts and are dedicated to the memories of Jon Pertwee, Roger Delgado and Nicholas Courtney for the magic they created in 1971

Monday, 30 June 2014

Delivery to Devil’s End

We are Target Who and here is a very special delivery we forgot to tell you about!  (It occurred around the same time I suffered my second detached retina and it became too difficult to blog - Sorry!)

Thousands of books have been ferried between Andrew and I since this project began.  During one of those trips Andrew made a slight detour on the way and called in at the village of Aldbourne in Wiltshire.

St Michael’s Church, Aldbourne

Aldbourne has a special place in the hearts of many Doctor Who fans.  In April 1971 the cast and crew of Doctor Who arrived at the village to film location work for the highly regarded Jon Pertwee story The Daemons. Aldbourne became the fictional village of Devil’s End, where an archaeological dig at a Bronze Age burial mound, the infamous Devil’s Hump, unleashed dark forces.  The village church was pivotal to the plot, where the new village vicar, Rev. Magister, was none other than the villainous Master in disguise…

To this day many Doctor Who fans still visit this classic location, and just next to the church they find St. Michael's C of E Aided School. It was the obvious choice for a small bundle of Target Who books, though sadly we had no copies of The Daemons to give them!

Andrew had the pleasure of visiting the school late last year and got to see the marvellous Doctor Who inspired village litter bins! The villagers can keep Aldbourne tidy by either exterminating their rubbish or popping it into the space-time vortex!

We are Target Who and we hope news of this delivery has put a smile on Doctor Who fans faces everywhere!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

State of Play

We are Target Who and we are aware that it could look like we have thousands of free books still available to schools.  Sadly this is not the case.  In fact we are almost at the point in this project where every single book has been allocated to a school!  However it is easy to come to that conclusion given that we started with 14,000 books and have only placed just over 7,000 into schools.  Surely we are only half way?  Well no.  Let me explain.

The book in Schools Counter only records the number of books that we are certain have physically been received by schools, with a pin added to the project map at the same time.  I update this counter when I receive a notification from either the person making the delivery for us or the school email us and confirm receipt.  Each bundle of books sent includes a compliments slip with a polite request for the school to email and confirm receipt. 

Sadly not all schools confirm receipt, making it harder to keep track.  The reason for this is, I suspect, not rudeness.  Schools are busy places and the books are usually received by Office Staff that pass them to Head Teachers who then pass them to Teachers or Librarians.  Along the way the compliments slip gets lost or everyone in the chain thinks someone else has emailed us. From time to time I chase up confirmations from schools and I usually receive a couple of “I’m so sorry - I thought we had emailed you” replies and I duly update the counters.  In some cases the original teacher that contacted the school has moved on, so the emails bounce back!

Notifications of deliveries can be sporadic.  Some Hays offices have been incredibly efficient and notify us on a weekly basis as to which schools have been delivered to.  Others notify us at a slower rate, confirming blocks of deliveries when requested. I am currently waiting updates from several Hays offices and hope to have them all up to date by the start of the school summer holidays, so that the true figure can be reflected. 

So I’ve added a couple more counters to the top of the blog which I hope will make the state of play at Target Who Headquarters a little clearer:

The Green ‘
Target Who Books Donated to Schools’ counter denotes the number of Target Who books that we know are physically  in schools.  

The Yellow ‘Books Allocated to Schools Pending Deliverycounter are books that we have set aside for named schools, have worked out a route to reach them and they have physically left the two main Target Who storerooms.  They may be with other members, volunteers or Hays Offices.  Alternatively they might be slowly making their way around the country being passed from person to person in a chain.  

The Red ‘Books Allocated to Schools Seeking Delivery Routes’ counter denotes books that we set aside for named schools, but have yet to successfully find a way of reaching.  

The Cyan ‘Inspired Donations by Other People’ counter denotes additional books from wonderful Doctor Who fans around the world who have heard what we have been doing and wanted to be a part of it.  Some have donated books directly to schools in their area.  Others have got in touch and passed some of their own books our way.  Those books all go on this counter and their names go on the pin map as an ‘inspired donation’ on the school that receives their books.

So a bit of simple maths adding the green, yellow and red counters together show how few books are residing in mine and Andrew’s garage these days!  

Only a handful of books remaining for allocation in Gloucester Store

We are Target Who and one day we will run out of books to allocate.  That day is coming soon!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Destination Devon

We are Target Who and this month has seen a scattering of schools across Devon pinned on our Target Who Project Map.  We have three very special people to thank for this progress.

The first person is the wonderful Jeni Jones, a Senior Manager at Hays. I first contacted her late last year while seeking help to reach schools in the South West of the UK.   She enthusiastically agreed to help our project and arranged help in six offices. The two southernmost, Exeter and Plymouth were both areas we had been unable to reach so far.  Getting books to them therefore became out first priority.. 

The second person to thank is the fabulous Tim Ledger.  Tim is Andrew’s Uncle and, hearing we needed help to reach Exeter, he quickly volunteered to help.  Andrew boxed up the books into small bundles and Tim transported them from Hampshire to the Exeter office.  The books for the Plymouth office were also left with Exeter staff and Plymouth staff will be collecting them soon.  Keep an eye out for pins appearing there and in Cornish schools in the near future.

Finally we need to thank the awesome Sarah Blazey of the Exeter office who has been contacting schools and taking the books to their final destinations.  We have been receiving a small flurry of thank you emails from school around Devon and it is lovely to hear how appreciated the books are.

We are Target Who.  We have now placed over 7,000 free books into school libraries and we haven’t finished yet!

Target Who would like to thank Jeni Jones, Tim Ledger and Sarah Blazey

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Seeding the Garden of England

We are Target Who and let’s chart our progress in the North of Kent

Andy Armstrong is one of the original thirty members of Target Who that donated money to fund the purchase of the books. His contribution didn’t stop there though, as he took on the responsibility of delivering books to interested schools around his county. He’s met up with Andrew a couple of times to collect books, and couldn’t resist stopping on the way home for the below Doctor Who in-joke photograph!


Trying to fit deliveries around his work and family life has resulted in Andrew taking some extremely diverse routes home following his early shifts!   It has resulted in our books slowly spreading out across the county.  

We are Target Who and we haven’t finished with Kent yet.  Keep watching the map for more pins appearing soon,